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Are you tired of having to head to the gym to work with a personal fitness trainer? With Fitness at Your Door, you will get all the help you need wherever you’re most comfortable. Whether you have a favorite place to workout that doesn’t offer personal trainers or you prefer to workout at home, you can work with your fitness trainers at the location of your choice. Simply sign up on our website, search for a trainer in your area who meets your needs, and schedule a session. It’s that simple!

Trainers for All Your Needs

We recognize that everyone has unique fitness goals they want to achieve. Whether you’ve been looking for a mobile personal weight loss trainer or need a personal trainer for strength and conditioning in Coral Springs FL and throughout South Florida, we have a trainer who will meet your needs and budget. In addition to fitness training to help you find the ideal workout routine to help you achieve your fitness goals, you can also count on us for nutrition coaching to improve the way you eat. We put your overall health and wellness first!

Book a Trainer Anytime, Anywhere

When you book a personal trainer in Coral Springs FL and throughout South Florida, through our platform, you won’t have to worry about quality. All of our trainers are certified and insured to give you peace of mind that you’re working with someone who knows fitness and is qualified to help you improve your overall health and fitness. You don’t even have to schedule your sessions weeks or months in advance. If you’re ready to work out, search for a local fitness trainer, and they can be at your door in as little as two hours, giving you all the flexibility you want.

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In just a few clicks, register for your free FAD account.


search for a trainer

Search trainers by style, specialty and distance from you.


schedule a session

Book your session with a trainer and get your body moving in hours.

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Skip the gym. FAD gives you the ability to bring a trainer right to your door. Once you book your session, your trainer will reach out to coordinate a location with you.


Book a session right from our platform and have a trainer show up at your door in as little as two hours.

Book a session
certified and insured Trainer

certified and insured.

Every trainer on our platform is certified and insured so you know you’re always in good hands.

frequently asked questions

Search for a trainer on our site to view their reviews and their credentials. Once you find a trainer that you like based on their profile, go ahead and click the blue button to book them!

You can filter trainers by location, certifications, sports specialty and style. 

When you book a trainer, you’ll add a location and address where you want to book.

Refunds are processed individually by trainers. We find that it is more efficient this way so that your refunds can be processed quickly. If you have an issue that a trainer is not willing to fix, we will step in and issue a refund.

Make sure you’re hydrated and have eaten at least an hour before your workout so your body is fueled and ready to go. Be sure to bring water and a towel with you.

Before trainers are allowed to be on the platform, we confirm that they are:

  • Certified
  • Background checked
  • Insured
  • CPR-Certified

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Michael 45 Pounds In 90 Days


45 Pounds In 90 Days

Santiago 30 Pounds In 90 Days


30 Pounds In 90 Days

Megan 35 Pounds In 90 Days


35 Pounds In 90 Days

Paul 2 Pant Sizes In 30 Days


2 Pant Sizes In 30 Days

Magda 25 Pounds In 90 Days


25 Pounds In 90 Days

Ivana 12 Pounds In 30 Days


12 Pounds In 30 Days


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