The Cheat Code For Trainers Is Here.

Supplement your income and fill the gaps in your schedule with pre-paid clients.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

Besides training, your day is probably a hot mess of:

Trying To Stand Out

Praying for consistent clients that pay your worth and instastalking fitness influencers, hoping to find a hint to how they grew their businesses.

Dealing With Clients

Scheduling and rescheduling sessions, making sure they are eating right, answering questions and feeling like their therapist so they’ll *hopefully* keep renewing.

Obsessing Over Money

Constantly hustling for that next client and renewal and feeling like you can’t enforce your cancellation policies because you NEED that renewal to pay your bills.

Staying In Shape

Even though it’s often the absolute LAST thing you want to do when the rest of your life is consumed by fitness, gotta stay in shape so people will hire you, right?

What other choice do we have?

Train at a big gym that traps you like a hostage for 12 hours a day, pays you basically nothing and couldn’t care less about you?

Yea, no thanks.

So you end up feeling like your business is running you instead of you running it.

How am I doing so far?

My name is Kashawn Fraser and I’ve been a trainer since 2012.

Trust me when I say I’ve been there – I struggled for YEARS to get organized and was constantly burnt out from the “business stuff” when I just wanted to change people’s lives. I knew there HAD to be a better way to get organized, find new leads, take care of my clients, handle billing and to sell programs/meal plans in my own business. … and there had to be a way to do it without feeling like I was a slave to my business.

I didn’t need another course, coaching program or training.

… and you probably don’t either. It turns out, a better way didn’t exist yet and that is EXACTLY why I invested my own money to build the FitnessAtYourDoor platform.
Fitness At Your Door

We get clients to commit for 3 months and then match them with trainers.

It’s a win for everyone.

You get consistent income without having to be in a gym, without giving up your own brand, without killing yourself with customer service, begging and pleading for renewals or struggling to find new clients.

The clients love it because we do the due diligence for them and make sure they’re getting qualified and vetted trainers.

That means you can spend less time in the management part of your business and more time transforming bodies.

It’s like how athletes have agents to handle the details so they can focus on their craft. We’re like your agent.

When you apply to train with us, here’s what you’re saying yes to:

Manage Your Own Schedule.

Manage Your Own Schedule.

You will sync your Google calendar and let clients know when they can book you on the site so you only train when you’re available and never have to worry about being double booked.

We enforce a 24-hour cancellation policy for you so if your client cancels within 24 hours, you’ll still get paid for the session.

Find Clients On Autopilot.

Our platform was created to be flexible for clients so while they can buy one-off sessions, most pay up front and commit to a 3 month transformation.

Generally, once a client books you and likes you, they’ll stick with you for the whole 3 months so you know your income is guaranteed because they’re paid up front.

Find Clients On Autopilot.
Weekly Programs


Sell Your Own Programs.

We’re developing a platform where trainers like you can create and sell your own programs to both clients and promote it to your own network so that you don’t have to worry about learning how to build a website.

Supplement Your Income.

We are supplemental income for trainers to fill the gaps in your existing schedule.

You’ll get paid every two weeks via direct deposit and since our clients generally pay up front, you’ll never have to worry about having to chase a client down to get paid.

Supplement Your Income

Don't Take My Word For It.

Here’s what our trainers have to say about their FitnessAtYourDoor Experience:

Meet LJ.

LJ is getting ready for a career in firefighting and needed something that would give him the flexibility to make money and still have the time to go to school and loves how FitnessAtYourDoor works with his lifestyle.

Meet Leanna.

Leanna was already an awesome trainer before coming to FitnessAtYourDoor. She hated doing the billing and back and forth with her clients and that’s what she loves most.

Meet Lorenzo.

Lorenzo is training to go play football in the CFL. In his off time, he keeps busy by training with FitnessAtYourDoor so he doesn’t have to worry about having to rebuild his client base between every season.

Meet Quinton.

He loves training but could never do it full-time because he had babies to feed and needed a stable income. Once he started training with FitnessAtYourDoor, he was able to leave his other job and do what he loves full time while also being able to feed his family.

Meet Avi.

Avi left the gym environment and wanted to start training on his own. After working with FitnessAtYourDoor, he was able to level up his business skills, go off on his own and build an awesome business.

What could an EXTRA $500-$1000 of supplemental income every two weeks do for you, your family and your goals?

These are real screenshots of withdrawals from our bank account that we've paid out to trainers for sessions they've completed.

*These are screenshots directly from our account. Transaction details protected for security.

Getting Started Is As Easy As Brushing Your Teeth.


Click The “Train With Us” Button

Click the “Train With Us” Button on this page to start your application. You’ll be asked to submit some documentation and information for your profile.


Our Compliance Team Will Review

Once we receive your application, we’ll verify all of your documents and give feedback on your profile to make sure you’re ready to start getting booked for sessions.


Setup Your Profile And Start Training

When your profile is ready for booking, we’ll activate your account, you’ll sync your Google Calendar and start looking for clients for you and you’ll be ready to book.


When you sign up, you’ll be able to setup your account and create your products.

To verify your account, you’ll need to have liability insurance of a minimum of $1M with FitnessAtYourDoor as an additionally insured. This will generally cost you about $100/year and can be done online in just a few minutes. We will also run a background check to keep our community safe.

Once you are approved as a trainer, we’ll send you a link to setup your direct deposit.

Once you start getting clients, you’ll go to our session tracking form every Friday to report your sessions.

We do payroll every 2 weeks and you’ll receive a direct deposit It’s as simple as that!

We market the platform to drive traffic to the site and how well you convert depends on how well you optimize your profile. 

That includes getting reviews, having an eye-catching profile photo, a compelling “about” and experience section and creating products and services that make people want to buy.

With FitnessAtYourDoor, you are an independent contractor so you can still train your own clients, work at a gym or sell your own products online.

You will sign a noncompete when you join us which basically says that you won’t steal our clients or work with a direct competitor to FitnessAtYourDoor.

When you train with us, we ask you to follow the 5 T’s:

  • Tank: Wear your FitnessAtYourDoor tank top so they know who is showing up at their door
  • Time: Show up on time. This is the biggest complaint we get from clients and the easiest thing for you to control.
  • Transform: Put on a show for your clients and give them an experience. Training isn’t about counting to 10 for them but about the way we make them feel and the experience we give them.
  • Tag: Post a snippet of your workout on your Instagram story and tag both the city and @fitnessatyourdoor. This helps us show future clients that we train everywhere and can help anyone which means when we find more clients in that area,  you’ll get that client too.
  • Track: Each Friday, you’ll go to our tracking form that takes less than 30 seconds to complete to track the sessions you completed so we can pay you correctly.

We believe in having simple and transparent pricing with our 3 levels of trainers that determine how much you are paid per session.

Standard: Our standard trainers are still establishing their influence and track record. Our standard trainers generally make between $30-$40/session.

Advanced: Our advanced trainers have a proven track record and can show before and afters. Their clients regularly renew and often send more clients. These trainers make between $40-60/session.

Elite: Elite Trainers have taken training to a higher level. They are former professional athletes, licensed physical therapists, social media influencers with a track record of results and our trainers who have proven they deliver an extraordinary experience AND extraordinary results. These trainers make an average of $80-100/session.

Supplement Your Income And Fill The Gaps In Your Schedule.

We do all of the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is follow the 5 T’s of training and you get paid every two weeks. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Click the button below to get started.