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A simple approach to achieving radical transformation

Transformation coaching helps you build sustainable habits for long term change.

A simple approach to achieving radical transformation

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Accountability Meets Functionality

Science shows us that our brains don't like change which is why it's so difficult to overcome our mindset. We focus on helping you reshape your habits to adopt a sustainable lifestyle which leads to incredible results that last.

Meet The Team

Kashawn Fraser Founder

Kashawn Fraser

Founder + CEO
Kashawn is a former professional football player who fell in love with fitness after recovering from his own knee injuries. He founded FitnessAtYourDoor and has since transformed hundreds of people's bodies. He believes that fitness should be accessible for everyone and is insanely passionate about helping people transform their lives through fitness.

Quinton Byrd Director of Operations

Quinton Byrd

Director of Operations
Quinton is a former NFL athlete who is passionate about overall health and helping people achieve their fitness goals. Transitioning from his pro career, he channeled his focus to helping the next generation of youth athletes pursue their dreams, all while become the first trainer at Fitness at your door, and now Director of Operations.

Damond Goggins

Transformation Coach
Currently in pursuit of his master's degree in Integrative Health and Clinical Nutrition. He is certified through NASM and AFPA as a Holistic Nutritionist. Damond personally practices a whole food plant-based lifestyle and has competed as a power lifter, but loves to build custom programs for his clients based on their goals.


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Best in Biz Awards winner


DREAM BIG Awards winner


Entrepreneur of the Year nominee


National Small Business Awards winner

How Does It Work?

We customize a program to your goals and help you stick to it.

Custom Meal Plan with Recipes

Custom Meal Plan with Recipes

We believe in building a healthy, sustainable relationship with food. We tailor your meal plan based on your dietary preferences, eating habits and build a plan that's made just for you.


Tailored Workouts For Your Goals

Once you meet with your transformation coach, we'll build out a customized workout plan for you based on your goals and abilities (including video tutorials) that you can do on your own schedule.

Tailored Workouts For Your Goals
Weekly Video Accountability Sessions

Weekly Video Accountability Sessions

Each week, you'll spend 20 minutes checking in with your accountability coach, tweaking your plan and ensuring that you overcome any challenges together.


Message Your Coach Anytime

Between sessions, you can message your coach with questions, share your accomplishments.

Since I joined the program I doubled my IG followers and signed 18 new clients!

Olivia Keys

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Exclusive Bonuses

Message Your Coach Anytime

Mobile App To Track Progress

Our app makes it easy to track your meals, progress, access your workouts at any time.

Digital Recipe Book

Digital Recipe Book

Want to try a new dish? Our recipe database will suggest new meals that keep you on track for your goals and keep food interesting.

40% Off Come-To-You Training

We offer a 40% discount on come-to-you training sessions so you can have a trainer assist you and hold you accountable in person.

Live Digital Workouts

We regularly feature live, virtual workouts with trainers representing all different workout styles to keep your workouts fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to train in person?

When you join transformation coaching, you gain access to our accountability trainers at a 40% discount so that you can train at your convenience. Our trainers will help you stay on your plan, make sure your form is correct and hold you accountable.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your membership at any time before the beginning of the new billing period. It just takes a few clicks and you're all set!

What if I have restrictions (injuries, allergies, dietary preferences, etc.)?

We customize your plan to you. That means we can add, change and exclude anything that doesn't make sense for your plan very easily. Your transformation coach will work through this with you during your first coaching call.

Can I share with a partner?

Each of our plans are customized to each individual so you'd each need to be in transformation coaching to take advantage of the benefits including customized workouts, customized meal plans and your coaching sessions.

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