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How would it change your life if your body looked and felt the you wanted?

The big secret is that everyone has a dream body in mind -- and few people achieve it because life gets in the way. Maybe you can relate to one of these:

These people are no different than you.

They just decided to make a commitment.

The truth is that there will always be a reason you can’t and often times, that’s the exact reason why you need to do just that.

You can be the next transformer, you just have to make the next commitment.

Here’s how we set you up for success:

The 90 Day Challenge

We send trainers directly to you.

Our licensed and background checked trainers come to you at the convenience of your schedule.

That means you can have a trainer come to your house, office, local park or gym.

Many of our trainers are former professional and collegiate athletes which makes our team some of the most well-rounded and accomplished trainers in South Florida.

With our trainers coming directly to you, there’s no excuses for you not to train.

... But isn't it expensive?

Check out how we stack up against local gyms:

FitnessAtYourDoor LA Fitness Lifetime Fitness Equinox Crunch Fitness Independent Trainers
Comes To You With All Equipment
# Of People Allowed In Session For The Same Price
Social Distancing & Equipment Sanitized Between Sessions
Private Training Space Away From Judging Eyes
Trainers Are Held Accountable For Being Timely & Professional
Pricing Per Session

Make Food Convenient With Meal Prep

For most people, nutrition is about 80% of accomplishing your goal and we also realize that busy schedules can make it hard to prioritize eating healthy meals.

When you register for our 90 day challenge, you’ll get a $100 credit towards our chef-made meals which will be delivered your door.

Stay Motivated With Printables

These 90 days are about a lifestyle transformation so our printables will help you stay on track.

They include motivational quotes, backgrounds for your phone screen and a list of healthy staples and snack ideas to keep in your kitchen.

Adopt The Lifestyle With On-Demand Trainings

Get access to our on-demand challenges where you have step-by-step workouts to keep you on track with your goals (even when your trainer isn’t there with you).

You can take on goals to help you shed fat, build muscle, learn how to workout at the gym or get your body moving again.

Lean Into Your New Community

When you join the FitnessAtYourDoor family, you get more than just a trainer. Through our clients, we’ve built a network of entrepreneurs and community leaders who are constantly looking for ways to help others.

We host quarterly events and an online community with our clients where you can share your successes, ask for advice when you get stuck and meet new people!

What Our Clients Say


Making lifestyle changes isn’t easy and it’s totally normal to have questions. Here are some of the questions our transformers often ask:

If you have more than 4 people, you can add them to your sessions at checkout down below.

We’ve found that training 2-3 times per week is optimal for getting results. If you’d prefer to book individual sessions, you can do that by going to our Book A Trainer page.

Currently, we have trainers serving clients from Jupiter to Miami.

Once you select your package and are logged into your account, you’ll enter your address to find trainers near you and can book anyone you like.

If you’d prefer us to match you with a trainer, you can email us at [email protected]

Our trainers wear masks and are required to sanitize equipment between each session.

Our trainers are certified, background checked and insured.

Additionally, we require our trainers to come with recommendations and many of our trainers come from collegiate and professional sports, have exercise science degrees or are physical therapy doctors.

If a trainer doesn’t show, doesn’t perform or is more than 10 minutes late, please email [email protected] and we will rectify the situation.

For best results, we recommend staying consistent on your workout plan but we also realize that life happens so you have four months to use your sessions and can catch up on them at anytime during those four months.

Our trainers book their schedules around our clients so we have a 12 hour cancellation policy.

If you need to cancel or reschedule before the 12-hour period, you can easily do so inside of your account.

If you need to reschedule or cancel within 12 hours of your session, you will lose a session unless it’s a medical emergency with a doctor’s note.

If a session has to cancel or reschedule for bad weather, your trainer will notify us and we will add an extra session to your account.

If you need to take a break from training, let us know and we can pause your sessions temporarily so that they’ll be available when you come back. You can email us at [email protected] to let us know.

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