We offer a variety of Workout Packages

Standard Packages

For people who are healthy & just want accountability (allows for 2 people/session). Good trainers, certified & insured with 1-3 years experience. Starting price point is 75$/session, or $65/session if a package is bought

Advanced Packages

For people who are dedicated & want the best trainers/ experience, who can work around injuries & chronic illnesses &pain.
Advanced Trainers have 3-5 years or more of training experience, as well as degrees in health related fields such as exercise science, Health & human movement, Kinesiology. They are also former college/ pro athletes, body builders, & other coaches with fitness accolades, who are able to work around injuries. Proven transformation/ results leads to price point (allows 4 people/ session.

Interested in other services? Check them out below

Get 10% Off Come-To-You Training Sessions

Our licensed and background checked trainers come to you. You are able to book at your the convenience and location, and as a member you get 10% off every session and meal prep.

Meal Plans

Have our chefs put together balanced, nutritious, restaurant quality meals with organic ingredients, made specifically to fit your needs.

Check out examples of our menu options: 

Paleolithic Menu

Vegan Menu

Nutrition Plans

We help YOU reach your nutrition and exercise goals through education, support, and accountability. Overcome that chronic dieting mentality and achieve “food freedom” all while reaching your body composition goals.