skip the awkward part of not knowing what to do at the gym and conquer it like a pro!

You finally talk yourself into going to the gym.

You pull into your parking spot and give yourself a pep talk in the car that goes something like, “today is the day that I finally start working out CONSISTENTLY”.

You walk into the gym fully intending to go hard.

You check-in and instantly get overwhelmed by all of the machines and areas and equipment. 

It’s almost like the line in the floor that separates the free weight section from everything else in the gym is taunting you like “this is only for pros, cross at your own risk”.

And you definitely don’t want to embarrass yourself by not knowing what to do, having bad form or just flat out having everyone watch you.

So that little voice in your head starts going….

So one of two things happens…

You go to the machine that looks easy to use and do a few sets and watch other people out of the corner of your eye to see what to do next.


You skip the machines all together and head to do cardio.

Maybe you do some abs and you call it a day.

It FEELS like you worked hard but you don’t really have anything to show for it which makes it hard to stay consistent and that gym membership ends up becoming just another recurring bill that never gets used.

Sound familiar?

I’m not psychic — I’ve heard this exact story from people over and over and over again and honestly, it’s totally not your fault.

There’s this crazy perception that we’re somehow supposed to know how to workout and get the body we want without any formal training (you know, kinda like how we’re expected to know how to do taxes or start a business but never get any real formal training for it!)

Gyms treat members like an assembly line — they get you to join, set you up on auto billing and send you on your way.

Here’s the big secret…

They actually don’t WANT you to use the gym because if everyone who had a membership used it, they’d be over capacity!

So, no wonder why you wing it.

The gym doesn’t have to be terrifying.

The gym CAN be your release of stress…

It CAN be the thing that puts you in a good mood…

And it CAN finally get you the body you’ve wanted.

You see, the people who enjoy the gym aren’t crazy.

Trust me, there isn’t a “weight lifting gene” that they’re just born with…

And most of them aren’t just former athletes that had formal gym training.

Every single one of them started out awkward in the gym too.

And I know it might feel like it, but most of them aren’t even watching you!

I created Intro To The Gym as a toolkit to give you everything you need to have the confidence, knowledge and a program that you can use to finally conquer the gym like a pro.

Here’s what some of our transformers have had to say about my programs in the past:

The gym CAN be your release of stress.

It CAN be the thing that puts you in a good mood.

It CAN be the thing that puts you in a good mood.

Transformer stories

You can be the next one to have a story like this.

When you get Intro To The Gym, here’s what you’re saying yes to…

In the 30 day transformation challenge, here’s what you’ll get…

Confidently knowing what to do with our 4-week program

When you

This four week program uses machines and free weights to introduce you to the core equipment at the gym.

Protein Packed Meal Plan

You’ll get the meal plan, shopping list, recipes and nutrition information for meals that leave you feeling full and satisfied rather than hungry and ready to binge. Each recipe is easy to make so you can actually stick to the plan.

Video Demonstrations For Every Exercise

Watch the videos to see me perform every single exercise so you never get stuck on how to do something. A lot of the exercises include modifications too, so in case something is too difficult or too easy, you can adjust accordingly.

Gym Etiquette 101 Workshop

This journal will help you bring everything together in one place. In this journal, you’ll track your meals, mindset, workouts and goals for each day!

Private Accountability Group Inside Of Our Site

You are who you hang around! This group is designed to bring together like-minded transformers who want to help each other reach their goals and stay accountable.

The best part?

You get all of this for $40.

(That’s just $10/week!)

No tricks, no hidden fees or subscriptions.

No more excuses.
It’s your turn.

Coach Kashawn Fraser

I’m a former professional athlete (Canadian Football League) who suffered three knee injuries and recovered each time.

During those recoveries, I realized how powerful the mind is in the body’s healing and made it my personal mission to help other people conquer their minds to transform their bodies too.

While it’s fun to be able to lift a house, I’ve seen too many people who are ridiculously strong but can’t do basic movements.

That’s why I believe that functional fitness  is the key to moving better, having endless energy, sleeping better and having mental clarity.

Functional fitness is training that prepares your body for every day movements.

More transformations

Our transformers are just like you – everyday people who chose to become the best version of themselves for the people who care about them.

What this isn't...

The 30 Day Transformation Challenge is just that – a challenge.

It’s going to push you both mentally and physically to become the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be for your friends and family.

Everything you need.
nothing you don’t.