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-Oriana A. Peralta
-NASM Certified Personal Trainer
-CPR; AED Certified
-Currently completing Corrective Exercise Specialist certification
-Weightloss Experienced
-Hobbies: Running Rickenbacker Causeway, reading personal development books, and eating at new restaurants on weekends.
-Quote: You can’t make things better until you stop making things worse.
-I got into personal training in order to help people make a positive change in their lifestyle. I personally went through the weightloss journey and I want to help others through that journey too… Fitness not only helps you look better, it helps you feel better too.

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1-3 Years

What To Expect When You Train With Me

When you train with me always expect to be asked what you ate and how much water you have drank that day before getting started. We will always start with a warm up that includes dynamic stretching and static stretching. Then we will start the actual workout. Throughout your exercise I will always show you the exercise before you start and will explain to you certain body positions that are expected. After your workout we’ll always stretch. Expect to feel muscles you never knew existed the next day.

Training Styles

Patient, Motivating And Uplifting