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5616 SW 36th Ct, West Park, FL 33023, USA



I am an ISSA certified personal trainer. I’ve been training for seven to eight years now, but I just started my business full time two to three months ago. I grew up playing sports: basketball, football, wrestling, track, and the most current sport is bodybuilding. I specialize in strength training and muscle building. I do operate in fat loss and overall wellness as well. My goal for my clients is for them to not just only reach their fitness goals, but for them to be able to move better, feel better, do better in every aspect of their lives; not just fitness.
This is my passion. I believe in building healthy relationships. I believe in developing healthy minds as well as healthy bodies. I am a Christian, God fearing, Bible believing trainer. My faith is what makes me stand out. My services and what I bring to the table follows after that. But either ways, I do this with love, and I do this because I want to live in a society where diseases, diabetes, obesity, and other health factors that can be prevented do not exist

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5-10 Years

What To Expect When You Train With Me

•Friendship, loyalty, lifelong commitment

•Daily motivation, encouragement, and inspiration, and positivity

•Body transformation, life accomplishments, changes in mental health and overall wellbeing

able to move better, perform better, look better, and be better

•Commitment, discipline, productive training, nutrition planning, goal accomplishments


What I Can Help You Accomplish

I specialize in strength training and muscle building. This is followed by fat loss and functional movement. I also focus on helping my clients achieve OVERALL wellness. I want them to be their best not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Why You Should Choose Me

Who I am as a person is what separates me from others. My relationship with God (being a Christian man) is who I identify as. What I do is my calling and a gift. It is my passion and my career. I’ve been personal training for over seven years now and have watched clients who’ve been with me change in so many ways! That is my goal for each and every one of you! I don’t want you to just be physically fit! I want you to be in the best shape of your lives in all aspects!

Training Styles

Creative Genius (Never A Boring Workout), Push You To The Limit, Patient, Motivating And Uplifting, Technique Freak

Available To Train

Morning (9am-Noon), Afternoon (Noon-5pm), Evening (5pm-9pm)

Training Locations

Home, Outside, Community Gym